Coverage for a wide range of Environmental Impairment Liability exposures

Liberty provides coverage for industries not often considered to be vulnerable to environmental exposure.




An incredibly broad range of industries can find themselves facing an environmental pollution event.

Liberty’s Environmental Impairment Liability understands the need to mitigate these risks. As a leading specialty insurer, our coverage is designed to consider a wide array of exposures and provide protection for industries which would not often be considered as vulnerable to an incident.



When people think of environmental contamination, typical types of practices which come to mind are organisations associated with heavy industries and production such as mine sites, oil rigs and pipelines. In reality, any industry can be vulnerable to an environmental incident.


View our short animation below to accompany our EIL offering which showcases five industry types that can benefit from our comprehensive offering.





Textile factory
Textile factories utilise chemicals and dyes that can easily escape


Construction site

When excavating a building site, it is possible you could disturb old buried toxic waste


Food processing plant

As well as making food, factories can also find themselves accidentally releasing pollution


High rise building

Keeping cool in a high rise could see people exposed to toxic gases.


Landfill site

As landfill sites grow, so too can the risk of releasing poisonous gases.




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