Our substantial risk appetite, generous global capacity and exceptional staff with local expertise and authority give us the edge in finding solutions to complex insurance risks.

At Liberty the claims team is an integral - and integrated- part of our business.

We know insurance cover is only as strong as the response it provides.

As a highly specialised claims team, we are driven to find unique solutions. No matter what business a client is in, or how complicated their situation, we break down complexity.

From pre-inception to claims settlement and beyond; we promise to deliver an exemplary service to our clients:

  • No surprises. Not only will we make sure that you understand your policy but also what will happen if a claim is made.
  • Expertise. We will use the right resource, for the right reason, for you. If outside expertise is required, we will continue to manage the claim to ensure that you receive exemplary claims service. 
  • We deal in partnerships. You will have direct access to a Claims Specialist who will share with you how we work, be available to answer your questions and look to help at all times. They will involve you in and keep you regularly updated on the progress of your claim.
  • Settlement. Our entire service is designed to ensure that we are working to settle your claim as quickly as possible.
  • We are leaders. Our natural approach on claims is to lead. Whether it is a complex claim or a global catastrophe, our integrity, expertise and capability enables us to fulfill our commitment to our clients and enable them to prosper.

With Liberty, you’ll form relationships with a fully integrated team of underwriters, risk engineers and claims specialists. We thrive on handling claims of all types – including large, complex losses – with the passion, significant local authority and market-leading experience needed to drive solutions that make a genuine difference.


At Liberty Specialty Markets, we view claims differently. We are driven by what the client wants to see, and believe that our claims service adds value throughout a relationship, not only at the point of claim. That’s why we apply Claims+. Tailored value-add services at pre-placement, post-placement, and post-loss stages.

From our Broker Partners

Every year we manage more than 7,500 commercial claims. Here’s what some of our broker partners and clients had to say about our claims service:

  • “The timeframe that you have turned this around in is quite exceptional and I will be using you as an example next time I am complaining to (other) insurers about their constant hold-ups in paying claims.”


  • “Instead of just denying the claim because of the misdeclaration of the cargo in the bill of lading, Liberty studied other options, understood the actual circumstances of the claim and came up with a win-win solution for both client and insurer. Other insurers would have just taken the easy way out and denied the claim.”


  • “Thank you for your excellent handling of this claim.”


  • “The client thanked the Liberty team for their input and took comfort from the fact that they are in good hands with Liberty’s claims team leading them through this open matter. They recognise Liberty has the engineering expertise to “talk their language” and understand their business.”

Report a Claim

Our approach is personal. If you are an insurance broker and think your client may have a claim, we encourage you to call or email a claims specialist from the relevant product line.

We assign you a single point of contact– this helps us truly understand your clients and their business and makes claims resolution simpler and faster.

If you aren’t sure who to contact, simply send us an email at and we will help direct you to the most relevant person.

Fast Track Claims

Whether your claim is complex or straightforward, our goal is to resolve claims as quickly as possible. That’s why we developed a service called Fast Track Claims.

Fast Track is a commitment to assessing claims less than $25k in one working day and settling them immediately. Offered for claims in Commercial Property, Crisis Management and Marine, it simply requires you to provide us with the correct documentation. We’ve been offering this service since 2016 and have helped hundreds of clients achieve fast resolution of their claims.