Risk Engineering Guides

Risk Engineering Guides

Shipment of oversized columns and vessels on ocean carriers

A handy reference for Marine project risk management teams, providing practical guidance on overcoming particular logistical challenges

The shipment of oversized cargo poses particular logistical challenges. It involves careful advance planning, the use of specialised ocean carriers fitted with appropriate onboard loading equipment and both the sound knowledge and application of suitable loading, stowage and securing methods.

Some best-practice principles include: oversized cargo should be tandem-lifted by a carrier fitted with two cranes to compensate for an off-centre centre of gravity; the cargo should be stowed in the fore and aft direction; the weight should be distributed to avoid undue stress on the ship’s structure; and lashings should be applied to counteract sliding and tipping.

This guide has been prepared by Liberty’s risk engineers as a handy reference for marine project risk management teams. It provides practical guidance on the loading, stowage and securing of oversized columns and vessels on ocean-going carriers.